Ensure Your Property Stands Out!

11th January 2018
We checked in with our Partner for furnishing solutions LOFT Interiors and they suggest that presenting a great property interior is sure fire way to make it stand out from the competition, they elaborate further below..

"No one wants an empty house. One of the main worries that many landlords experience is the possibility that a month or more will pass between lets without any rental income.

It is crucial to minimise void periods where possible by acting fast and making sure you get the next tenant for your property. It is inevitable that circumstances will change and people will move on but there are quick and easy steps to reduce void periods.

Tenants are demanding more than ever in response to rising rental costs. Ensuring that your property stands out from the rest with a truly great interior that is carefully considered and cost-effective will go a long way to helping attract those tenants who have the luxury of being able to shop around."

Jodie Thompson, Business Development Manager
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Avoid Tenancy Void Periods - Ensure Your Property Stands Out!

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