Make your property feel like a home

5th February 2018
Our partner LOFT share with us useful information on ways that landlords can boost retention..

“Tenant Turnovers mean vacancies, during which you’re not bringing in rents, yet still paying the mortgage. It’s not just the mortgage either, you may need to replace the carpets and even the sofa.

The bottom line is that short-term lets will devastate your bottom line. So how can you minimize your tenancy turnovers and keep your properties occupied at (nearly) all times?

The trick is to retain your good renters for the long haul. You want them to feel like your property isn’t just a house it’s a home. You want them so comfortable in your property that the idea of moving is a headache they would only consider under the most pressing need.

With increasing competition from build-to-rent, properties should be recognised as tenants’ homes with a focus on improving standards and encouraging long-term living.

Accessories are a low cost way of refreshing your property without a large spend, at the same time adding pops of colour that can make a house a home with that finishing touch.”

Daisy Temperley-Cassin, Head of Sales & Customer service

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Reduce Tenant Turnovers - make your property feel like a home

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